What is Browblading?

Also Known as Microblading or Brow Embroidery

Erika is Triple Certified in Brow Microblading


Microblading is a relatively new semi-permanent makeup.  Pigment is placed in the upper layers of the skin which creates crisp and fine lines that make it almost impossible to tell which is actual brow hair and which is the added strokes.  This  technique is done with a very fine blade and done manually.  Using a specialized microblade pen that only goes 0.5mm into the epidermis we are able to create and design realistic brows for anyone wanting full reconstrution or just simply filling in gaps or scars or overplucked brows, wanting to change shape or add fullness or simply add more definition. As a result the design will be waterproof smudgeproof last about 18 months before a color boost and look completely realistic.  After 18 months you will want a touch up if you choose not to your brows will then fade back to what your natural brows and skin were and this can last 3 years.  Most women get this procedure for esthetic purposes so being that it lasts about a year can be a real bonus due to that you are able to change style of your brows as trends change, unlike tattooed brows that you can never change the style.

Who Can benefit from Browblading?

Browblading is for those who want to enhance the look of their brows!  Great for those people that want to toss their eyebrow pencil or for extreme cases people who suffer from alopecia, cancer or any other condition that causes hair loss.  Microblading is also very beneficial for people who are simply just not happy with their brows or most common may have over plucked their eyebrows and they just aren't growing back.  It can be done over scars and old tattooed brows but for tattooed brows they must be very faded to get desirable results.

This is a very good option for people that don't want something permanent being that it will fade after time and go completely back to how their brows and skin looked before having done.  You can also change the color if needed with a color boost and change the shape which you cannot do with a tattooed brow.

How does Microblading differ from a tattoo?

Microblading is considered to be much safer and not permanent like a tatoo is.  With microblading it is done manually so it is much more precise than a tattoo machine being that a tattoo machine vibrates so can't be held as steady.  This lines with microblading are also more crisp and fine due to that it is done manually in that we draw ea stroke one by one and that the pigment is deposited into the upper layers of the skin unlike a tattoo that does deep into the skin all the way into the dermis.  A tattoo will fade and even change colors where the pigment from microblading will just fade and then disappear which helps with the change in eyebrow trends over the years.  Also, since the blade only goes 0.5mm into the skin the pain is much less than getting a tattoo.  The tattoo pigment must be placed into the dermis which causes much more pain.  The patients that get microblading done say the pain is very minimal and that it is compared pain to getting your eyebrows tweezed.

What can I expect during and after the procedure?

The procedure take about 1.5 to 2 hours.  We start with a consult to find out what your expectations are and what you are trying to achieve. Some people like to come with their brows drawn on so they can show us how they like their brows to look.  This is not necessary to do as we will measure out how your brows should shape your face and at this point we work with you on creating the shape you want with what we recommend.  We work on outlining one brow and once you have gotten the desired look with the one brow we take the measurements from that brow and replicate on the other so that your brows don't have to be sisters they can be twins. Once we have sketched the other brow you will again look for any changes you would like to make. Once you like how the outline looks you will have a topical numbing solution placed on your brows which takes about 20 minutes to numb you and make you comfortable for the procedure. While you are numbing we will place a few different pigments on your skin for you to choose a color that best matches your brows. After you are numb we will do the actual blading which takes about 20 minutes and during the blading process more numbing solution will be applied as well for your comfort. The color your brows are will lighten about 30% so they may feel a little darker and a "warmer color" than you would like when you leave.  Once you are done you will be given your home care instructions and make your appointment for in 6 weeks for your touch up.  The touch up is absolutely crucial due to the it is difficult to predict how well the skin will retain the pigment.  After your touch up appointment the results will last about 11-18 months depending on different factors, so you will want a yearly color boost to retain shape and color.  

How much does it cost to get done and maintain?

The initial visit costs $550.  The price also includes the first touch up 6 weeks after the initial visit.  The touch up can not be done sooner than 6 weeks due to it must be fully healed in order to touch up.  You should not need another visit for about a year to 18 months for a color the cost for this visit is $200.  There are color boost options before the year mark for those people whom may not retain the color well (which doesn't happen often but can happen) or want to darken or change the color of their brows which costs $100.

Why Choose Erika?

Erika is certified with Everlasting Brow, PhiBrow, PhiBrow Advanced and Permanent Makeup Academy.  She has been doing microblading for over 3 years and is very detail oriented. She has done hundreds of different types of brows and designs your brows not only using very intricate measuring but also lets you help decide how you like them.  

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