Classic Lashes

Silk lashes give you a very classy, long lashes look.  Now you can ditch the mascara and not have to worry about it smudging, running or the time effort of putting on every morning.  Silk lashes have a beautiful permed curl that wount loose it's curl.  There are many different sizes and widths of silk lashes to give different kinds of looks.  To have them look more natural the lashist will incorporate different sizes to create depth and a rather fluffy look rather than the same size on all lashes that can give it a strip lash sort of look.  Silk lashes are maufactured lashes so they more often can have a strip lash look. Silk lashes can be heavier than real hair but can also give you a more dramatic look with having them thicker. Some lashes can not handle a thicker heavier lash if their own lashes are delicate which could cause them to get damaged if to heavy.  Our expert lashes will advise you on what lash size will work best for the look you would like to achieve and make sure that if you want the thicker lashes that your own lash will be able to handle them without getting damaged. With silk lashes you can not use a curler or a hot curler on them.  You will choose the curl before they are applied and the lashist will also help you to pick the curl that is most like your natural lash curl or that will compliment your lashes the best.  We also offer what is called a flat lash.  The flat lash is still curly but the base of the lash is flat so that it can grab onto your natural lash better for longer lasting retention as opposed to putting a round lash onto your natural lash that is round.  The other great advantage to our flat lash is that it is an even lighter weight that can allow for a bolder look without stressing out your natural lash.


The partial set is about half the amount of lashes but can offer a very beautiful natural look and takes about 1 hour to apply.  The Classic full set takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to apply.  You may also choose to be extra full if you have enough natural lashes for it and upgrade to a Vavavoom Full Set of classic lashes.  You may also choose the Hybrid which is a mixture of the classics and Volumes and takes about 1.5 to two hours to be applied.  Once your full set if applied you will come back for one of the following depending on how full you would like your lashes and how many lashes you have lost: