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Couples Massage
Swedish Massage

Classic relaxing and soothing full body massage with light to moderate pressure. Swedish massage helps circulation, reduces stress levels, and relaxes tired muscles giving flexibility and promotes a feeling of well-being. It will also help to relax and energize while improving circulation. 


~$65~One hour                                               

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue
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Deep tissue massage is a vigourous therapy used to loosen areas of hardened or inflexible muscles and tissues. It targets the deep layers of your muscles and tendons helping to release tension and chronic muscle pain. Deep pressurized strokes are preformed along or across the muscles. Because deep tissue massage uses slower and deeper strokes than swedish massage therapy you may feel a little pain or soreness immediately following or sometimes the day after your treatment. The pain should disappear in a day or so and ice is advised to help relieve sorness that may occur along with plenty of water.


~$80.00~ One Hour                                         

Medical Massage
Medical Massage

This massage is for those patients that have been hurt in a Motor Vechicle Accidnr, on the job, or a slip and fall as well as other types of injuries. This massage can vary from swedish massage to deep tissue depending on the specific needs of the patient. Other techniques will be incorporated to help the healing process, such as hot or cold stone massage, cranial-sacral work, aromatherapy, myofasical as well as others. This type of massage treatment requires much more paperwork for in depth note taking and progress reports, and the patient may be reccomendedto work on certain stretches or excercises at home as well as heat or ice to assist in the healing process. The goal of this treatment is to get the patient back to how he/she felt before a specific onset.


~ Call for details about Insurance coverage~


Chair Massage
On-Site Massage


Bring On-Site massage to your workplace or event there are many options for incorporating massage into your workplace wellness program. Is done just by sitting on a chair and not removing any article of clothing. It can be provided for a one time special event or a regular monthly or weekly on site sessions to all workers.  It can also be great if you have long training sessions or meetings or in times of higher stres like meeting deadlines.  Your workers will greatly appreciate it and can help them to relief headache, stiff and sore muscles especially when slumping over computers, or the physical issues from filing, typing, lifting, standing, sitting ect.  The massage can improve their alertness and ability to focus, improve immune system for less sick days, and adds appreciation to work and loyalty.

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