In the pictures below are some of our before and after lash extension pictures or our customers.  In the paragraphs below next to the pictures you will find information about lash extensions as well.  We will be updating our before and after gallery soon as well as adding before and after chemical peel treatments.  Please check back soon for new photos and information!

Silk Lashes


Classic Silk lashes are the most common type of lash extensions. We offer many different looks with using just the silk lashes.  We can create these different looks by using different thickness on the lashes as well as the length and Curl.  When you come for your first appointment you will have a short consult with your lash specialist so that you can discuss the look you would like to achieve and the esthetician can evalute the strength of your own lashes and discuss what option would work to achieve the look you desire.  This set of lashes is a .2 thickness so that it gives a little bit more of a dramatic look.  This lady has a lot of lashes naturally so they are able to look extra thick.  







Silk Lashes

This lash set is a C curl with .15 thickness using 14mm in length with some 13mm,12mm and 10mm in inner corners.  This customer went with a more dramatic look and the C curl gives a beautiful open look to her eyes.  This is a very common set people choose. We can only put lashes on where a lash exsists and can hold the weight. We do not lash stack which can damage your natural lashes. If you want more of your own lashes to be able to get a fuller set we reccomend using latisse to help your lashes get stronger and grow more.  We have seen results in as soon as only 2 weeks when customers used the latisse as directed. 

Silk Lashes

Cat eye effect

This set has a slight cat eye effect.  The client wanted a mildly dramatic effect so she didn't want to go to full at first to get use to the lashes. The outter edges she has size 14 and they tapper down to a size 10 on inner corner. She has C curl which is the most common curl as well as the most desired.  However, everyones eyes are different and different curls can look different depending on how your eyes are set.


The silk cat eye effect is a very commonly desired look.  It looks very natural yet gives a beautiful dramatic effect.  The thicker of lash you go the more dramatic the look will be with silk lashes you have the choice of .2mm (being the thickest), .15 and in the synethetic mink as thin as .10.  The thinner the lash the more natural it will look and the better they are on your own lashes.  Some lashes can't handle the weight of the heavier lashes and they would be advised to go with a lighter lash to prevent your nautral lashes from breaking.


The pictures below are example of Synthetic Mink, and Volume Lashes

More Pictures coming soon....


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